Delicious in Denver: Breakfast

There are so many more places to try, but my favorites so far…

No. 3-Denver Biscuit CO. 


One of my all time favorite places to eat, hangout, meet with friends…really anything! The Denver Biscuit CO. is located inside of the restaurant “The Atomic Cowboy”, or also known as Fat Sully’s Pizza. Confusing yes? But so delicious. The atmosphere is a little darker, but I love that in a place, so that was a plus for me. They run their breakfast from 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., and after that is Fat Sully’s face-sized pizza slices. At night they are a pretty hip bar, with lots of board games to choose from and pool if you choose as well! Their website  has lots of information, including the history of the company and articles they have been featured in. Here is a link to Fat Sully’s website, too…they may not be breakfast, but they are a great restaurant!

There are a few reasons I love going to the Denver Biscuit CO…the biscuits are jam-packed with lots of extra food, like chicken, eggs, potatoes, sausage…made into a delectable sandwich that is way too big to fit into your mouth-that’s when you know it’s good. They also have yogurt and granola, coffee, alcohol, and tons of sides to go along with your meal. If you still have room, there is a giant cinnamon bun, with optional bacon bits! It will definitely be a breakfast you’ll crave again.

No. 2-Ophelia’s


I have sadly only been to this location once, but that was enough to keep me wanting more! The setting is an old brothel, located in downtown Denver. They serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings, from 10:00 A.M.-2:30 P.M. and I highly recommend making a reservation, however, because they are apparently always packed. The building is two floors, with a main stage you can view from either story. There are two full bars, lots of comfortable seating, and dimmed lights to give it a nighttime feel. The group that played was jazzy,upbeat and very talented. I wish I could remember their name, but they made the place feel like a party! We were seated in tables on what becomes the dance floor at night, so we had a great view of the band playing, along with all of the other guests enjoying their morning above us.


The food is slightly more expensive than the other restaurants featured in this post, but was also a bit more dressed up and had a great plate design. You can also get bottomless mimosas, which are fuel for a good morning.Visit their website for more great information!

No. 1-Dazzle Jazz 

There are many reasons Dazzle is in the No. 1 spot! I love this place because it isn’t only a great brunch spot, but also becomes a cool jazz club at night. They are wildly popular and feature many great artists who play live jazz throughout the restaurant! Their brunch runs from 9:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M. and includes an all you can eat buffet! Yes, the jackpot of any food outing!

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

To describe all the wonderful choices you have could be an article by itself. It ranges from your typical breakfast choices, along with many pastries, fruits, vegetables and the best part is your choice of either bottomless mimosas, or bloody Mary’s. The staff was extremely professional, and very cool to talk to. The brunch feels like a giant party with live jazz, people smiling all around, and great food. Here is a link to their brunch page, but be sure to check out their full website!

FullSizeRender (5)


Snooze: An A.M. Eatery

Snooze is a very upbeat breakfast nook. They are only open until 2:30 P.M., but that still leaves plenty of time to pack in a huge feast. I noticed while researching them a tad more, they have locations in California, Arizona and Colorado. I believe they are working on expanding that to states nearby, including Texas. I decided to count Snooze as an extra because I love them, and want to tell others about it, but they aren’t specific to Denver.

One of the first things you’ll notice in Snooze is their design. They use bright colors and funky furniture to bring in a happy crowd. I have been to Snooze many times, and love the atmosphere they create. I recommend making a reservation because they seem to always be full…but they have several locations in CO, two in Denver. Here is a map of all locations in the US so you can view it yourself!

One of many Benny Breakfast styles to choose from

The food is incredible in all aspects. Although I have had to wait for a little time, I was never dissatisfied with my visit. It seemed as though I had forgotten any troubles of the day once I got my food! They also have a huge selection of specialty pancakes that you can mix and match…definitely one of my menu choices. Their drink menu is refreshing, with catchy names like “Drunken Dirty Chai” and the “Orange Snoozius” and so many more to choose from. Snooze is a great place to meet for breakfast with friends, especially before starting an exciting day! Visit their website for more information on the menu, locations and how they got their start.

The French Press

Although this location isn’t ‘technically’ Denver, I couldn’t help but include it as well! After living in Aurora for a few months, I found this cute breakfast nook (open only until 3:00 P.M.) to be the perfect cozy place near my house. It’s a small business that has created a huge fan base. I have seen the same faces there, like myself, multiple times.

The food includes lots of breakfast choices, some lunch sandwiches and salads. I love the personal feel of the food as well…almost as if you’d gone to a friends for a meal! It looks simple, fresh and tastes incredible. I highly recommend this spot to those who have already been around Denver a few times and are looking for something new. They also have a location in Lakewood and Belmar. Visit their website for more information.



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